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I felt beautiful. My sister made all my jewellery. She’s incredibly talented. As you can see. I originally had my doubts about how a hair piece was going to work, but this ended up adding the perfect amount of glimmer. And, my shoes: I loved my dress, but I’ll admit, I was so glad to […]

Getting ready


Dressing for your own wedding is a four person job. Two to tie you in, one to thread, one to tighten. One to hand you your jewelry one piece at a time, and to help with the clasps. And you, holding everything up until it’s tight enough, not falling down. You, slipping into your beautiful […]

First, I stressed about it. Then, I bought it. (Or, rather, my mother did.) I dreamed about the shoes I would put with it. I got the phone call! I went to visit. I had a fitting two weeks ago. It was kind of an odd feeling have a slightly plump Spanish lady crawling around […]

During the dress search, I was terrified about finding the right dress. In hindsight, I’m not really sure why. If I had thought about it, I would have known that no matter what dress I chose, it would be the right one. I was in such unfamiliar territory that I felt couldn’t trust my own […]

Excited Face!


Actually, I’m not very excited about bacon at all. Although, this blog is. Rather. MY DRESS IS IN! After waiting for three months and having a consultant at the store we bought the bridesmaids dresses at tell me to not expect it for at least another month, I have received the call I’ve been dreaming […]

The dress!


I did it! I finally made a choice. I made the decision, got measured, and ordered The Dress. This post is a message to brides who aren’t having fun with their wedding dress shopping. The brides who don’t almost burst into tears when they see themselves in a wedding dress. The brides who hate that […]

I went wedding dress shopping on Tuesday. I am fortunate to have a body type that looks good in the majority of wedding dress styles. (I like to think the running I did a while back plays some role in this.) I tried on and liked enough wedding dresses that I almost started to hate […]