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I love reading wedding blogs, wedding websites and (yes, I’ll admit it) wedding magazines. The weekend M proposed, I signed up for The Knot. I bought a magazine the following weekend (not worth the $15, trust me) at the prompting of my similarly wedding enthused best friend and bridesmaid. Hardly a day goes by when […]

The dress!


I did it! I finally made a choice. I made the decision, got measured, and ordered The Dress. This post is a message to brides who aren’t having fun with their wedding dress shopping. The brides who don’t almost burst into tears when they see themselves in a wedding dress. The brides who hate that […]



I booked the photographer today. I still need to sign a contract and pay a deposit, but besides the legalities, it’s taken care of. The photographer is not a priority for me. I seem to be backwards. A lot of people say the photographs are the memories. I know one girl who planned her date […]

The first two posts of this blog have been pulled from my personal blog. I decided not everyone cares about my wedding planning and not everyone needs to see me descend into a mess of a bride with knots in her back and worry lines on her face. On the other hand, I know some […]

I went wedding dress shopping on Tuesday. I am fortunate to have a body type that looks good in the majority of wedding dress styles. (I like to think the running I did a while back plays some role in this.) I tried on and liked enough wedding dresses that I almost started to hate […]

The beginning


Approximately one month ago, my boyfriend, known here as M, asked me to marry him. M had a carefully orchestrated proposal ready for me when I arrived to visit him one weekend on a Friday. The weekend that followed is one of the best in my memory. We galavanted all over the city. Saw some […]