Professional photos: My Attire


I felt beautiful.

My sister made all my jewellery. She’s incredibly talented. As you can see.

I originally had my doubts about how a hair piece was going to work, but this ended up adding the perfect amount of glimmer.

And, my shoes:

I loved my dress, but I’ll admit, I was so glad to get out of it at the end of the night. People kept stepping on my hem, I couldn’t go pee by myself… I wonder how people did it when they wore dresses this size every single day…

(All photo credits go to C.L. Photography. Seriously awesome.)


2 Responses to “Professional photos: My Attire”

  1. 1 maura

    well lady,

    you look beautiful. my dress was short and even that was a bit hard to sit in. all the lace and crinoline puffed up around my midsection.
    easy to pee in though. no spanx required.

  2. 2 Rivikah

    I know the answer about peeing as it happens.

    It has to do with different toilet facilities and no undergarments.

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