We are married.

In the car after the dimly lit ceremony, M and I started practicing.



Sitting on the beach in Punta Cana, we practiced.



Things haven’t quite settled yet. We’re all over again this week, opening gifts, getting a car, buying a couch, playing golf (…that’s him, not me…), visiting friends and family, introducing Pekoe to a new home.

Soon, I’ll start updating. I’ll muse a little, maybe get a touch sentimental.

We are married. And so far, it’s wonderful.


2 Responses to “Wife”

  1. 1 Rivikah

    I’ve said this already once I think, but Someone and I didn’t really do “husband” and “wife for quite a while after we got married. Like…Months.

  2. 2 maura

    congrats lady.

    i relished looking around the reception and saying, “where’s my husband?” or “i’m going to dance with my husband now.”

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