Bachelorette party pointers


1. Don’t go out on a Thursday night. Even if it’s a university town where Thursday night is supposed to be The Night, just don’t.

2. Do your research. What’s open? Where are the dance floors? Where can you go when place A does not turn out to be what you expected it to be? What’s you’re back-up plan if three of the clubs you thought about hitting up happen to burn down that morning?

3. If a scene is good, linger, even if there’s another scene you want to try.

4. If everything dries up and you made all the mistakes I just told you not to make because you’re moving out of town on Friday, the clubs that burnt down are the only ones open on Thursdays, and you tried karaoke and it was kind of fun, but hoped to find a dance floor, don’t head for home at 11:30. Find a quiet bar, go back to the karaoke place, heck, even bust in on your fiance’s scene if he also happens to be out on the town even though his bachelor party lasted the whole of the previous weekend while you were still studying for your last exams. Stay out as long as your friends and your feet will let you. Otherwise, you will wake up still disappointed and slightly embarrassed about the thing you dared to call a bachelorette party.


One Response to “Bachelorette party pointers”

  1. 1 Mom

    Yeah, I really think you should have known a fire was going to happen!!

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