The Vows


My mom asked me if we have any desire to write our own vows. This question makes sense. I’m the literature nut of the family, the one voted most likely to be a best selling author someday*, the one who professes a love of words. If she had asked me the same question three months ago, the answer may have been different.

But I realized this morning, after I sent a reply back to her, that everything that’s been going on these past few weeks has me far more stressed out than I realized. Let me make a list:

Things that have been happening

  1. M’s job search. (Now done.)
  2. My job search. (On hold until after the honeymoon. However, my job searching habits have not stopped, and I know that it affects my mental health every time I find a job I want that has a start date of May 15.)
  3. The apartment search. (Done. Holy crap, is signing a lease through a realtor with no contact with the landlord stressful…)
  4. The move. (Both 3 and 4 contain a lot of dreaming: sofas, floor plans, desks, tiny kitchen tables, organizers, and all  the money it’s going to cost for us to outfit our space. Also, dispersing our current, over-sized furniture.)
  5. Exams. (Yeah… Maybe not so good that they’re number 5 on the list.)
  6. The wedding. (All the meetings we need to do, the few things that need to fall into place yet…)
  7. Life. (Friends. Campus ministry stuff. Quality time with M so I don’t go completely insane. Hanging out with friends I may never see again as we go our separate ways. Hanging out with life long friends who I will see again but miss me when I fall into a stupor of stress. Grad photos. Keeping Pekoe’s water dish full. Doing laundry.)

When I make a list, I don’t feel so bad about letting guestbooks and emails to the photographer and the pianist keep me up until past my bed time. And it makes my answer to my mom about writing my own vows make a lot of sense.

There’s too much bouncing around in my head to add writing vows that no one is going to remember to the list of things to do. The brief moment in which I considered it made me realize that I really just want to get these next few weeks done and over with. It also made me realize that maybe it would be ok if all of our children end up boys: that way, I might never have to plan another wedding again.

* Actually, if my dad wanted to, he could write a book. I think my brother may have taken up some creative writing recently too. My sister used to write, maybe still does? I’m not the only one with literary talent.


3 Responses to “The Vows”

  1. 1 Melissa

    If you’re looking to get rid of some furniture, you could try selling it to some of the first year students who are moving into unfurnished places in the fall…I know of a few people who will probably be looking for some furniture :).

    See you on Thursday! Hopefully a BBQ will help to de-stress :).

    • If you know of anyone, feel free to send them my contact info! I’ve got a kitchen table and two chairs, a couple armchairs, a TV and a bunch of kitchen supplies.

      I’m sure once my exams are finished, it will be a little bit more smooth sailing. Isn’t the BBQ on Tuesday though? Or am I getting my days mixed up in my “I-don’t-wanna-study” haze?

      • 3 Melissa

        Oops….that was a typo on my part (yes, the BBQ is Tuesday….aka tomorrow). Blame it on long days of studying :P.

        I mentioned the furniture to my brother; I know he’s looking for a place off-campus for the fall, but he’s not sure yet if he’ll need furniture (or if he does need furniture, how much he’ll need). Hopefully he’ll figure it out sometime in the next few days & then maybe he can take some of that furniture off your hands!

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