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1. Don’t go out on a Thursday night. Even if it’s a university town where Thursday night is supposed to be The Night, just don’t. 2. Do your research. What’s open? Where are the dance floors? Where can you go when place A does not turn out to be what you expected it to be? […]

The Vows


My mom asked me if we have any desire to write our own vows. This question makes sense. I’m the literature nut of the family, the one voted most likely to be a best selling author someday*, the one who professes a love of words. If she had asked me the same question three months […]

After realizing we have 25 days until the wedding day, I decided I needed to make a decision about the guestbook. The easy route beaconed and I decided to follow. Unfortunately, it might be too late for the easy route. I collected pictures of M and I, fought with their online software and finally clicked […]

April 8


One month and we will lay our love out on a table for everyone to see. We’ll dance. We’ll laugh. We might cry. Things will go wrong. Things will go right. And in the end, it will be just you and me, holding hands, Surrounded and loved, held up and encouraged, Pushed on to the […]