Why jewelry stores suck for guys with opinions


This past weekend, the Almost-Husband and I decided it was time to bite the bullet and find him a ring. We went to the same mall he bought my engagement ring at, hoping we could have all three of our rings from the same store: getting them cleaned would be so easy, just dropping them all off at one store.

There are four jewelry stores in that Mall.

Ben Moss

Nine men’s rings in white gold in stock. There was one the Almost-Husband almost liked, but the edge was ripply, which threw the whole thing off.


Nine men’s rings in white gold in stock. There was one the Almost-Husband almost liked, but the edge was square as opposed to round.


Nine men’s rings in white gold in stock. There was one the Almost-Husband almost… You get the picture.


Marshman’s, home of friendly sales people in ugly jackets, the only independent jewelry store in the mall

Six men’s rings in white gold in stock. Nothing even close to the Almost-Husband’s desire except in titanium, which he was absolutely not interested in.

They pulled out a book and he found his dream ring in it.

Isn’t it beautiful? We got them to price it up for us. We needed to leave the store, go get a coffee and not win the $10 000 before we could pick our jaws up off the floor.

To get them to make this ring for us, it was going to cost a whopping $1200! That’s more than double the cost of my ring and it’s got 0.5 carats of diamonds in it! To put this into context, if they had it in their showcase, it would be priced at approximate $500. Something was not right here and the idea that we couldn’t find his ring for around the price of other wedding bands just seemed… wrong.

I was discouraged. The Almost-Husband might not admit it, but he was discouraged too.

Yesterday, we went to a different mall. We tried a different Peoples and a different Mappins. Both places had rings that were very close and the Almost-Husband might have been convinced to be happy with one of those.

But then we walked into Raffi Jewellers. We walked along their showcase of diamond rings and as it kept going, I started to think they’d have the fewest men’s rings of all. But then. The diamond rings ended and there was what seemed like a sea of bands. Men’s bands. A whole caseful! 9 times 20! I could have leapt across the showcase to hug the relaxed salesman. Instead I started to babble about how we had been so many places and none of them had selection, and none of them had the ring he wanted and holy crap there it is right there!

The Almost-Husband ended up putting in an order for a ring that was not the ring he was originally looking for, a ring he likes even better. It was reasonably priced despite being made to size for him. It will be ready in two weeks. I, for one, am relieved that we’ve found something he likes.

2 Responses to “Why jewelry stores suck for guys with opinions”

  1. 1 Cara

    Hey Jeanette, FYI – I believe that most jewelry stores will clean rings for free, whether or not you purchased them there. Glad you found a suitable ring for M!

    • Oh, good to know! I thought you always had to bring them back to the place you bought them from. I do need to bring mine back to the original store though: I have a diamond warranty there, but only provided they clean and inspect it once every six months. That couldn’t be done by another jeweller, right?

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