Hair Trial #1


Last week, I went for my hair trial. I wanted something loose, something curly, something up but soft and romantic.

The front: I walked in to my parent’s house and my mother said, “Oh. Do you really want the front that poofy?”

The back: Well… what do you think? It was a quick job, so I assume he’s not going to leave the bobby pins sticking out like that.

Since the hair trial, I’ve decided I want something that’s lower on my head. He said that since I have so much hair, it’s hard to do that. But, I at least want something that looks like it’s lower on my head, even if it isn’t. I want no poof in the front and I want more hair around my face, even if I run the danger of it flying everywhere and getting in the way.

Now, I’m debating if I actually need another hair trial or if, on the day, I can explain the changes I want and hope for the best…

4 Responses to “Hair Trial #1”

  1. 1 mom

    Yes, you want another hair trial. Even if you leave it until after exams.

  2. “He” ? I thought your friend was doing your hair.

    • No, she’s in the wedding party. I want her to have a chance to get her hair done too and relax without having to worry about my hair, so I went elsewhere.

  3. 4 Cassandra

    I would do another one, just so the hair dresser knows what you are looking for for the wedding day, you could do a hair trial on a Friday or Saturday night then go out afterwords, out for dinner or something like that.

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