Everything went wrong


I got married last night. In a purple dress that was too big for me despite my mother tying it on as tight as it would go. The photographer didn’t show up. The DJ didn’t show up. I guess there was no food either because I remember staring into the fridge contemplating a half eaten package of breakfast sausage.

When I realized the photographer wasn’t there and probably wasn’t going to be there, I collapsed in a chair and cried loudly until someone heard me and came to comfort me. I don’t remember the comfort working because I woke up in a malcontented sweat.

I don’t care what everyone says: if my dress suddenly becomes purple and 5 sizes to big for me, if our photographer isn’t there to capture the moments, if our DJ doesn’t show up, and if I’m left alone to stare into the back of the freezer looking for something, anything, to eat, the idea that none of it matters because now we’re married isn’t going to be enough to keep a smile on my face.

5 Responses to “Everything went wrong”

  1. Well, you’ve certainly put that English degree to use.

  2. 3 mom

    Was M in the dream, or was he missing too?

    Sometimes dreams can seem far too real. ( but it’s still just a dream)

  3. 5 Helen

    It’s okay. I have dreams about my wedding too – usually I am running late, and running around still getting ready when its supposed to be starting. at least YOU were at your wedding. lol

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