To DIY or not to DIY…


Remember my post about centerpieces?

Centerpieces was one of the topics of conversation at our meeting with the florist on the weekend. At the time, the suggestion that the florist take over the project of the centerpieces and have them delivered Saturday morning was an unpleasant one, likely due to the DIY nature of the blogosphere. I had in my head that I want to make them.

But yesterday, I started thinking about the Friday before the wedding. I started thinking about setting up tables, sliding chair covers onto 150 chairs, laying out the linens, lining up the forks, folding the napkins into swans, setting up the guestbook table, the gift table, the cake table, doing SOMEthing with the entrance… And I don’t really have a huge entourage arriving to help out!

Do I really want to be fiddling with tulips and river stones and that flower foamy stuff and water and candles and more stones amid all that?

Good friends of ours (ok, M’s, but I’m claiming them too!) got married this past October. The Bride made every single gorgeous centerpiece the Friday before the wedding. She started at approximately 9 in the morning with buckets of flowers from the florist. She didn’t finish until well into the evening and all day, the stress of her deadline was obvious in her demeanour, the look on her face, and her intense concentration. And she was a florist; this was what she did for a living!

Granted, the centerpieces I have in mind are not nearly as complicated as the beautiful bouquets she put together. But it still makes me wonder if it would be easier to just hand the whole project over to a competent vendor to take care of.

One Response to “To DIY or not to DIY…”

  1. 1 mom

    Funny! Just when I was thinking DIY center pieces could be doable and quite pretty.

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