What florists have to do with character growth


The online wedding community loves last minute weddings. I’ve read multiple stories on multiple blogs of couples who throw all their planning to the wind and surprise their engagement party guests with an impromptu wedding.

Maybe this is a viable escape from the stress of wedding planning. But I think people who do this are missing out on something. There’s been a certain learning curve in this process that I think I would have missed out on had we skipped the whole planning thing.

We visited the florist this past weekend. There’s nothing quite like sitting down with a woman who knows what she’s doing with hardly even a concept in mind and having to make a decision right there, right then, without stress, without frustration, without being bowled over by the other voices that say “Are you sure…?” I’m not a great decision-maker; it’s not one of those soft skills that will ever make it onto my resume. I do stress out about whether or not I made the right choice, whether or not there might be a better one. In order to avoid the stress of wedding planning, I’ve needed to learn how to set the worries aside and make a clear decision.

What kind of flower? (Tulip.)

Tulip up or down? (Down, just in case it’s warm out.)

Style? (Loose, wild, springlike, not just a big ball of flowers.)

Real of fake? (Real, mostly.)

Gerberas or roses? (Both!)

Maybe the fact that I’m only 22 (for 3 more days) lends to some of the learning curve here. But I have a feeling it doesn’t account for all of it. Every blog I’ve ever read by any bride has expressed some uncertainty about making these decisions. And I can’t help but wonder that this experience is going to help us later. So much significance is placed on every decision made and yet, in the end, only one decision will matter. Surely this new-found decisiveness will be useful somewhere down the road.

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