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This past weekend, the Almost-Husband and I decided it was time to bite the bullet and find him a ring. We went to the same mall he bought my engagement ring at, hoping we could have all three of our rings from the same store: getting them cleaned would be so easy, just dropping them […]

Hair Trial #1


Last week, I went for my hair trial. I wanted something loose, something curly, something up but soft and romantic. The front: I walked in to my parent’s house and my mother said, “Oh. Do you really want the front that poofy?” The back: Well… what do you think? It was a quick job, so […]

I got married last night. In a purple dress that was too big for me despite my mother tying it on as tight as it would go. The photographer didn’t show up. The DJ didn’t show up. I guess there was no food either because I remember staring into the fridge contemplating a half eaten […]

We didn’t really know what to call it. The wedding is less than two months away, so it’s not really an engagement party. But it wasn’t a stag and doe either: there was no dance, not a lot of booze flowing, no stupid games involving toonie tosses at a bottle of whisky. It wasn’t a […]

We have guests!


Well, 5 of them. After sending out the invites, we got our first (excited!) RSVP. This is probably another one of those things that gets me really excited about The Day and just leaves M happy that things are getting done. But really, isn’t it exciting knowing there are people who are so excited about […]

In the mail!


On Monday, two months before the big day, M and I dropped the 70 some invites off at the post office. M saw it as one more thing off the To-Do list. I left nervous we’ve forgotten someone important, someone likely to be offended, and excited that we have finally sent the news out, finally […]

Remember my post about centerpieces? Centerpieces was one of the topics of conversation at our meeting with the florist on the weekend. At the time, the suggestion that the florist take over the project of the centerpieces and have them delivered Saturday morning was an unpleasant one, likely due to the DIY nature of the […]