Baby fever?


Well, not exactly.

I’m getting married younger than the average in Canada right now, which probably has a lot to do with my ambivalence about babies (even though M’s friends are pretty good about teasing us about them and making rather unpleasant predictions).

But, I am looking forward to starting a family with M. These would do. Or these. Or, I would love to have one of these.

Of course, our parents are a little more hesitant about our desire to become doggy parents right away. My parents understand it, I think. After all, they tied themselves down to this beast and, besides the two year period of mourning our loyal, fat, loveable lab cross, I can’t really remember a time we didn’t have a dog.

M’s parents, on the other hand, aren’t really dog people. They’ve never had a dog that shared their live space. They’ve had outside dogs, but beyond that, they just aren’t animal people.

Needless to say, both parents have reservations about us getting a dog. My parents mainly have reservations about us getting a dog right now. They would rather we wait until we know what kind of living situation we’ll be in. Apartment, condo, house? City, country? I suppose these things could affect the kind of dog we get, though all research I’ve done has said it’s a common misconception that you can’t have anything but a small dog in an apartment.

M’s parents don’t want us to tie ourselves down with a dependent like a dog. We wouldn’t be able to just pick up and go away for a weekend. Or a month. Or a year. Further, how can we give a dog enough attention when we’re working 8 hours a day?

I suppose all of these are fair concerns. But I think both M and I want a dog badly enough that we will make it work no matter what situation we find ourselves in. I have puppy fever bad.

We still know we can’t get one until we at least know where we’re going to be. Besides the complications of finding a place to live that will allow us a dog, neither of us are in great living situations that will allow us to get one immediately. My roommates are patient enough about my cat.

So, a few months more. I need to stop looking at Kijiji.

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