Engagement ring shots!


Over at the Wedding Bee, people are sharing beautiful pictures of their engagement rings. I got inspired!

Also, I’m going on a trip to Mississippi over reading week and realized I’d be stuck with my old, 3.2MP camera instead of my 12MP camera since I forgot it at my parents’ place a couple weekends ago. Once I got the battery cartridge unstuck and an SD card back in it, I figured it would be a good time to get used to the battery sucking beast again. Here’s my favourites!

The focus ended up on the ragged edge of the rose in this one. I learned how incredibly difficult it is for a camera to focus on diamond!

I like colour. The composition of this one isn't so great, but it's not bad.

My favourite of them all. That's a pile of my cheap junk jewellry behind it.

And, since my diamond way outsparkles even the purple Swarovski crystals, it essentially disappeared from this shot. Love the splashes of colour in this one though.

Um. May I say something? I think my HP Photosmart that we bought in 2003 might take better pictures than my Kodak Easyshare from 2009. Smaller, much, much smaller, yes. But, um. Better.

One Response to “Engagement ring shots!”

  1. 1 farminarian

    I’m in Stratford tomorrow. Do you want me to bring you the camera?

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