Centerpieces, or, My struggle with elegance versus affordability


This past October, I attended a wedding that sticks in my mind mainly because of the way in which the reception hall was decorated. The bride, who was a florist and had an incredible talent with flowers, worked from approximately 8 in the morning to 10 at night the Friday before the wedding, putting together beautiful centerpieces and setting up the hall in such a way that hid the fact that it was just a community hall. As one of the groomsmen’s fiancee, I was there, helping out and hoping my own reception would look as well put together.

Unfortunately, I’m not a florist. And the expense of flowers means I can’t cascade my whole reception hall in flowers like I’d like to. That, of course, leads to a further problem. Currently, the only inspiration, the only theme I have decided on is this:


So, my inspiration is floral. But my budget is very not floral. Essentially, I have to think about something else. Like this:

Except I keep coming back to floral things like this:

And this:

I guess before I jump to the conclusion that these aren’t in the budget, I really should talk to our florist, run some numbers and some practicality. It’s with things like this though, that make me wish I had a slightly more bottomless budget.

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