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First, I stressed about it. Then, I bought it. (Or, rather, my mother did.) I dreamed about the shoes I would put with it. I got the phone call! I went to visit. I had a fitting two weeks ago. It was kind of an odd feeling have a slightly plump Spanish lady crawling around […]

Baby fever?


Well, not exactly. I’m getting married younger than the average in Canada right now, which probably has a lot to do with my¬†ambivalence¬†about babies (even though M’s friends are pretty good about teasing us about them and making rather unpleasant predictions). But, I am looking forward to starting a family with M. These would do. […]

Over at the Wedding Bee, people are sharing beautiful pictures of their engagement rings. I got inspired! Also, I’m going on a trip to Mississippi over reading week and realized I’d be stuck with my old, 3.2MP camera instead of my 12MP camera since I forgot it at my parents’ place a couple weekends ago. […]

This past October, I attended a wedding that sticks in my mind mainly because of the way in which the reception hall was decorated. The bride, who was a florist and had an incredible talent with flowers, worked from approximately 8 in the morning to 10 at night the Friday before the wedding, putting together […]