Invitation Extravaganza!


This weekend, M’s parents came to my small-town, rural area. The purpose was mainly to see the area their son would be getting married in, but my mom also managed to organize the paper and other supplies for the invitations.

I think this might be a topic I’ve neglected to mention on this blog. Invitations was one of the items on our list of wedding to-dos at Christmas time. We perused the Internet, admired expensive pocket cards and cards with beautiful designs or embellishments, all the while being slightly disappointed with the ones that were more within our price range.

At the time, I was also making a few thank you cards for gifts from our first engagement party (which I am guilty of an etiquette faux-pas and have not gotten written, signed, or in the mail yet…), so one day, while doing some errands in town, we stopped in at the small, local scrapbooking store to check out their supplies and what I might find useful.

We left with a piece of red paper, a piece of cream paper, two stamps, some glitter glue stamp, some embossing powder, and a length of ribbon. A few hours later, we had a proto-type and the crazy idea that yes, we actually could make our own invitations. From scratch. For a reasonable amount of money.

My dad, the Farminarian, did all the cutting. Don’t worry. They love their cat. They would never consider chopping her tail off.

My mom was really good with the embossing powder, once we figured out how the static reducing powder worked.

And Liia just didn’t care about the whole process.

My Future Parents-in-Law helped with tying ribbons and punching holes and scoring folds and placing brads. They’re a little blog-shy, however, so you’ll just have to believe me.

After approximately 3.5 hours of printing, cutting, embossing, scoring, punching, tying and stuffing, we finished with a pile of almost 100 invitations. I was amazed how smoothly it went and I felt terribly productive afterwards. I’m kind of excited to put them in the mail and send them off to people to adorn their fridges (or their random-paper piles) for the months of March and April.

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