Some guestbook thoughts


For some reason, all the typical guestbook ideas are not thrilling me these days. A scrapbook of our engagement pictures with space for people to sign in the margins is a good idea, but we’re doing that for our engagement parties. Signing the matte around a framed engagement picture is something I’ve seen at more than one wedding, and it’s a good idea but not one that really excites me.

I thought about slips of paper that people could write on and put in a jar, which I could then use in a scrapbook project along with wedding pictures. But do I really want that much work after the wedding? I already have some potential projects planned, but I know I’m likely going to have all sorts of ideas for scrapbooks and photo albums that never come to fruition.

When my sister got married, we asked my uncle to take pictures of all of the guests. We printed them off right there and had people put together a guest book with their best wishes and their pictures. However, she had 60 guests. We’re at 162, or something like that.

This led me to some other thoughts. We’re not going to have a lot of pictures from the reception. M and I aren’t going to be running around with digital cameras, for sure, and we opted to not pay the extra that would get our photographer there. And, while most people are pretty generous with emailing their pictures to the bride and groom after the wedding, I feel like actually getting them might never happen. I’ve heard of people putting cheap disposable cameras on all the tables and letting whoever pick them up and snap some pictures for the bride and groom to develop later. I like this idea. It gives everyone a chance to take pictures and to catch the reception from their point of view.

And then, I thought about maybe taking this one step further.

There’s this popular thing in weddings these days called a photo booth. They can be rented for expensive, but people make them themselves too, with interesting backgrounds, props, and their own camera. They result in pictures like these:

I think they look fun and like they could turn into a supplement to a traditional guestbook. It would provide something for our guests to do in the time between the ceremony and the dinner as well. Of course, this kind of thing would not appeal to half our crowd probably, especially the older people. So, I expect it could end up being a complete flop. Fortunately, to set something similar up yourself would really not be expensive at all.

How much should I consider an idea that I like but am not certain any of the guests will be interested in? Would a photo booth and disposable cameras on the tables be overkill?

3 Responses to “Some guestbook thoughts”

  1. 1 Rivikah

    There was a photo-booth at Rick and Danielle’s wedding. It was tons of fun.

    • Did they have a professional one or was it DIY?

      • 3 Rivikah


        And I don’t remember seeing any props. It was just like the ones you see in malls.

        I’m not sure I’d be enthusiastic about the addition of props really.

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