The other dresses


One of the things on my wedding to-do list for the Christmas holidays was bridesmaids dresses. As many of you readers may already know, I had decided to go for black dresses on my sister (the maid of honour) and my best friend (bridesmaid). I wanted long dresses on one hand just to be different from the going trend and on the other hand for the formal look long dresses provide.

I love the current trend of having each girl wear different dresses. It just makes sense to me. My sister is kind of a stick: slim all over. J, on the other hand, is slim, but naturally curvy. There’s no way I could find a dress to flatter both body types. I certainly didn’t want to end up forcing one girl into a dress she did not look good in. Example: a dress that did absolutely nothing for my sister was the runner up for J. On top of that, letting them each choose their own dress was actually a lot of fun.

It took two trips. My sister lives in Alberta, so we had no choice but to find her a dress over the Christmas holidays when she and her husband were in Ontario. And J had a crazy work schedule over the holidays that, combined with family obligations made it impossible to find a time that worked for her until after the holidays — ie, today. So, we went twice.

There’s a small bridal and formal wear shop in a town near my childhood home. I bought my prom dress there and then, a few years later, they sold us both my maid of honour dress and my mom’s mother of the bride dress for my sister’s wedding. It’s housed on two floors of an old yellow brick house and has a welcoming, small town atmosphere. Unfortunately, they’ve been having issues with their furnace and the place has been almost unbearably chilly, especially for those slipping in and out of dresses.

My sister, my mom and I were in and out in about 15 minutes. She tried on about 5 or 6 dresses and ended up picking one off the rack. J, my mom and I weren’t much longer, maybe half an hour, but in that time, we settled on and ordered another beautiful dress for J and a gorgeous mother of the bride dress for my mom. They’re set to come in about 3 weeks before the wedding which makes me a bit nervous, but with no alterations required, my mom assures me it will all work out.

Now, if only my dress would come in…

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  1. 1 mom

    I still can’t believe I bought that dress.

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