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Bon Voyage!


M and I went with pretty stereotypical planning assignments. I’m in charge of keeping track of and making many of the wedding decisions. He’s in charge of the honeymoon. Turns out we both lean pretty heavily on each other for help making decisions that affect both of us. I’ve shared with and talk about almost […]

This weekend, M’s parents came to my small-town, rural area. The purpose was mainly to see the area their son would be getting married in, but my mom also managed to organize the paper and other supplies for the invitations. I think this might be a topic I’ve neglected to mention on this blog. Invitations […]

99 days!


We’re out of the triple digits and into the double digits! And there is still so much to do…

For some reason, all the typical guestbook ideas are not thrilling me these days. A scrapbook of our engagement pictures with space for people to sign in the margins is a good idea, but we’re doing that for our engagement parties. Signing the matte around a framed engagement picture is something I’ve seen at more […]

During the dress search, I was terrified about finding the right dress. In hindsight, I’m not really sure why. If I had thought about it, I would have known that no matter what dress I chose, it would be the right one. I was in such unfamiliar territory that I felt couldn’t trust my own […]

Excited Face!


Actually, I’m not very excited about bacon at all. Although, this blog is. Rather. MY DRESS IS IN! After waiting for three months and having a consultant at the store we bought the bridesmaids dresses at tell me to not expect it for at least another month, I have received the call I’ve been dreaming […]

The woman at the store was covered in diamonds. Her hands put my mother’s ring-clad fingers to shame and she had pinned more than one glittering brooch to the lapels of her immaculate suit jacket. She presented the rings with an air of informative efficiency, friendliness at arms length. I was nervous putting them on. […]