Let them eat cake!


Cheesecake, specifically.

When I told my mom I want cheesecake for my cake, she suggested that she might be able to make the cake for me. She makes a good cheesecake, so I readily agreed. We decided cupcakes would be easier and more economical when it comes to serving 150 people their own slice. Her practice tries have been going smoothly (and deliciously!).

But, she’s not so confident about her ability to decorate them without making them look like a 6 year old did her. (Her words! I think…) So, we’ve contacted a family friend who has said she could decorate them for us if we decide to give up.

But really, whether my mom is tackling the job herself or we hand the job off to a professional, I should have an idea about what I want, right? So, I took a look on the interweb.

I like the swirl style with a few little details sprinkled or placed on top, hearts or little flowers.

Like these ones.

I like the flat too. These are nearly perfect. Throw in a few little red flowers, to make them mine and Voila! I love the little silver beads in combination with the black flowers.

These ones are simple and also very nice. My mom thinks we’d be able to do this one ourselves with some cookie cutters. I’m inclined to agree. Make the first heart layer red and it’s mine! I could even get some of those silver edible beads and press them into the fondant too.

We’ve made progress on this! It’s kind of exciting when I finally find a vision for something. Mostly things feel disorganized and I get a little worried everything is going to look cobbled together and, well, like a 6 year old did it. But this, I think, will work.

(Photos courtesy of blogs across the internet.)

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