Some thoughts on hair


When I bought my wedding dress, the store threw in a free veil.

(This was actually kind of cruel of them: they used the “FREE STUFF” tactic to pressure me in to finally making a decision and buying a dress.)

When I picked it out, I was thinking “Dressdressdress,” not, “HAIR!” So, when the sales associate asked me what was I was doing with my hair, I said something along the lines of “Probably up,” while still thinking, “Dressdressdress!” Actually, I think I did a pretty good job at sounding like I knew exactly what I wanted when it came to my hair. Turns out, I totally don’t.

I thought I wanted an updo with the veil tucked up at the nape of my neck. But then, I learned (with some tutelage from my BFF) how to curl my hair with a straight iron. I love the look of soft curls around my face. So I started considering just leaving it down and curling it. I’d still go to a proper stylist to get it done to ensure that the curls will be done properly and stay in all day.

But, I have a veil. And it’s pretty! And I definitely want to wear it. It seems to me that all down hair styles do not work well with a veil. After all, it needs to be secured to something.

So, what about a half-up, half-down look? I know M is not a huge fan of half-up-dos, but I have a feeling I could change his mind with the right one.

Like this one:

It’s perfect! The updo glamour but still with soft curls around the face. And plenty of options for securing a veil.

There’s lots of really soft updos that catch my eye yet too. Like Taylor Swift’s:

(Aside: I want her dress!)

I can’t decide, and fortunately, I don’t need to yet. I’ll need to go for a trial sometime in March or April, probably, but even that’s a ways away yet.

And, you know… the veil was free. It wouldn’t be a disaster if I ended up not wearing it.

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