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My aunt and uncle are professional¬†portrait¬†photographers, so it wasn’t particularly difficult to get some official engagement pictures taken. On the day of our family Christmas, we slipped away for half an hour or so and stepped into the coldness of winter in Ontario in our shirt sleeves and had some rosy-faced pictures taken. Check some […]

I finally got some pictures from my FMIL of our engagement curling party, so I thought I’d share my favourites. I curled! It was fun. I ended up with a nasty bruise on my knee and, at the end, I bounced my head off a curling stone onto the ice and ended up with whiplash […]

This is a big topic. I can’t cover all aspects of it in one post. But I can demonstrate one reason, thanks to Meg at A Practical Wedding. She posted this ad today: (Aside: I think the rings are beautiful. Not a fan of solitaires in general, but this one isn’t bad, especially with the […]

Some of the time, especially at the end of a kind of stressful school term, I get sick of reading good books. Weird, isn’t it? I mean, if a book is good, you shouldn’t get sick of reading it. So you would think. Except, the issue with good books is that they demand critical thinking. […]

Cheesecake, specifically. When I told my mom I want cheesecake for my cake, she suggested that she might be able to make the cake for me. She makes a good cheesecake, so I readily agreed. We decided cupcakes would be easier and more economical when it comes to serving 150 people their own slice. Her […]

When I bought my wedding dress, the store threw in a free veil. (This was actually kind of cruel of them: they used the “FREE STUFF” tactic to pressure me in to finally making a decision and buying a dress.) When I picked it out, I was thinking “Dressdressdress,” not, “HAIR!” So, when the sales […]

On the weekend, M and I finally had our first wedding related event. His parents threw us an engagement party in his area. Both M and I are from the countryside of Canada. However, Canada has multiple different countrysides and our two look absolutely nothing like each other. I have an hour and a half […]