Weddings are for dancing


I love to dance. I love going to weddings at which we know a lot of people so M and I can get out on the dance floor and have some fun. I love wedding dances especially because they pull out the slow songs: you can’t sway slowly back and forth and look meaningfully into someone’s eyes to Rhianna’s latest while being jostled from all sides in a club.

So, naturally, when M and I got engaged, I just assumed there would be a dance.

Dancing at D and B’s stag and doe.

But then, we started talking about it. My family doesn’t dance much, at least, not to my knowledge. M has some cousins who dance, but for the most part, his family is quite a bit older and also doesn’t dance. Of our friends, I think most of mine dance and most of M’s will if everyone else is. But our guest list is made up of mostly family because M’s is so big, so our friends really are in the minority. Beside that, my future MIL expressed some dislike of dances at weddings.

I started picturing an empty dance floor. A confused DJ. Wasted money.

So, we tried to think of something else. I don’t want just a dinner and some speeches and a mass exodus of guests as soon as the cake was cut. I want a good party, good food, good conversation, good fun. We tossed around ideas about dance instructors, comedians, magicians, some other kind of entertainment.

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when things aren’t working out? The disappointment that clues you in to the fact that you aren’t getting what you want, even if you like the other options? I recognized it. I acknowledged it.

And  I put my foot down.

I don’t care if no one dances. I will. And my best friend has promised me she’ll get out there on the dance floor too. My future MIL won’t be bored because, hey, her son just got married.

So, I’ve booked a DJ. He’s incredibly friendly over email. I hope whoever he sends from his team is able to draw reluctant people onto the dance floor. But I’ve stopped worrying about it. It will be a party and it will be amazing.

4 Responses to “Weddings are for dancing”

  1. 1 Jules

    I will most DEFINITELY be out there!!! SOo excited for it!
    (at ours, hardly anyone was dancing.. but i remember being out for every song!!)
    its your day, my dear!!

  2. Hi, I was just directed here from my blog. Seeing as I don’t know you, I am not sure if your wedding has happened or not, but I can say this. Weddings are ABSOLUTELY for dancing, even if you are the only one. So, I hope you had a beautiful wedding- full of love, laughter, memories, and lots of dancing!

  3. Sorry to seem like a freak, but I checked out your whole blog, and I can see that the wedding has not happened yet. So let me change my previous post to this: I know you are going to have a beautiful wedding – full of love, laughter, memories and LOTS of dancing! (Good luck with all of the planning!)

    • Hey! Thanks for the comment. The wedding is in less than two months, so it’s coming up fast! Since I made the decision that I wanted a DJ and quit trying to think of something else that everyone will enjoy, I’ve been pretty confident in the decision.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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