Resisting Bridal Pressures


Mostly, brides of the blogosphere are more quirky than me. They want short wedding dresses or vintage wedding dresses that their grandmother wore and tiny ceremonies in apple orchards and every little detail done DIY and for pennies. They go against everything the bridal industry tells them that they should want.

Except that they’ve created a problem. They’re doing exactly what the bridal industry is doing. In trashing the bridal industry and fighting against it, they’re telling other brides that they shouldn’t want what the bridal industry has and instead, what they have. It’s a catch-22, see. In freeing people from the pressures of the bridal industry, they’ve put a new pressure on them to reject the bridal industry all together, even if there’s something in it that might be good.

I’m not defending the bridal industry. It’s already made me cry once or twice. But I hesitate about suggesting there’s another way to do it. There isn’t. There’s only your way. Whether you want an expensive wedding using all the luxuries (and following the prescriptions) the bridal industry has to offer or you go counter culturally against it, it will be the way you want it.

I’ve stopped reading a lot of wedding blogs. I still glance through them on occasion, mostly for the pretty pictures. But honestly, they apply the pressure by going counter cultural just as much as the wedding magazines Sears gave me when we registered did.

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