Engagement Party #1


As a follow-up to my last post, I thought I’d share what those photos were used for.

My MIL-to-be wanted them to include with the invitation to the engagement party she and my FIL-to-be are throwing for us. Last weekend, she handed me the card and I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were.



Apologies for the amateur name and location removing…

She sent out approximately as many of these beautiful cards as we’ll be sending out for the wedding. And every single detail is handmade. She pressed the card, punched tiny holes for the silver string, glued I don’t know how many layers of paper and the rhinestones. She said she had a lot of fun with it, that she hasn’t had a reason to get crafty in a long time.

I’m kind of blown away by it, really.

(We’re going curling for this engagement party! No, I’ve never been curling before! It should be a lot of fun.)

(For my family and friends in my area: don’t worry, we aren’t leaving you out of the festivities! The purpose of this party is to introduce me to M’s large extended family, but there will be an opportunity for me to properly introduce M to you too!)

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