Unofficial engagement pictures


A few weeks ago, my MIL-to-be asked if she could take some pictures of M and I. She’s throwing us an engagement party in his home town (which is 4 hours from mine) and wanted a picture to include in the invitation. She borrowed M’s brother’s good camera, pulled out some engagement pictures of M’s cousin for inspiration and trouped us all around their beautiful Eastern Ontarian property.

I helped myself to copies after she put them on their computer. Here’s my favourite:





M’s mom isn’t so great with technology. She refused to touch the settings of the digital camera for worry she’d mess something up on a piece of equipment she knew very little about. But despite all that, I think she’s got a pretty decent eye. These turned out pretty good and I know I’m happy with them. If we ever find time, we’ll still get some official ones done, I think. But until then, these will work.

One Response to “Unofficial engagement pictures”

  1. 1 Malinda

    These are fabulous pictures, professional or not. . . you too look great together!

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