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I love to dance. I love going to weddings at which we know a lot of people so M and I can get out on the dance floor and have some fun. I love wedding dances especially because they pull out the slow songs: you can’t sway slowly back and forth and look meaningfully into […]

Mostly, brides of the blogosphere are more quirky than me. They want short wedding dresses or vintage wedding dresses that their grandmother wore and tiny ceremonies in apple orchards and every little detail done DIY and for pennies. They go against everything the bridal industry tells them that they should want. Except that they’ve created […]

As a follow-up to my last post, I thought I’d share what those photos were used for. My MIL-to-be wanted them to include with the invitation to the engagement party she and my FIL-to-be are throwing for us. Last weekend, she handed me the card and I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. Apologies for […]

A few weeks ago, my MIL-to-be asked if she could take some pictures of M and I. She’s throwing us an engagement party in his home town (which is 4 hours from mine) and wanted a picture to include in the invitation. She borrowed M’s brother’s good camera, pulled out some engagement pictures of M’s […]

Saturday was a busy day that involved renting our decorations and sending our photographer her deposit. Decorations kind of overwhelm me. Yes, I can tell that I think the backdrop we picked will look nice, but will it be overdone with the swag on the ceiling? And what should we put on the tables without […]

While wedding planning takes up a lot of my mental capacity, there isn’t often enough to discuss here, especially when I’m still working hard to get my degree finished. Speaking of. A few times, when I’ve mentioned to a prof or another student that I’m getting married, I sense their eyes rolling in the back […]