Bridesmaids and their dresses


I’ve been told bridesmaids dresses should be ordered 3-6 months ahead of time. Sounds like I have lots of time, I guess. Except that my sister lives in Edmonton and my best friend has a crazy Christmas time work schedule, which is the only time we’ll be able to go shopping.

No big deal. They’re both of very different body shapes, so I didn’t want them in the same dress anyway. They don’t need to be together to pick out their dresses.

So, this should be an easy decision (ie, not mine!) except for one small thing.

I keep waffling on the colour.

Originally, after our engagement weekend, M and I had thought about doing a bright blue.

But the more I thought about it, and the more I looked, I realized I couldn’t find the blue that I wanted. Yeah, that picture isn’t the blue I want. Then I wondered if maybe that was because there isn’t a blue that could really make me happy because maybe I don’t really want blue?

See, almost three years ago, my sister got married. She had a very small wedding and I was her maid of honour and her only attendant. She let me pick the dress. Any dress. In any colour. So, I picked my favourite colour. Red. A beautiful deep red. The big problem is that I wasn’t thinking ahead.

I’ve had trouble with being a copycat in the past. A lot of the things I did in elementary school and (less so, but still) high school was because my sister did them. I’ve been fighting that unsuccessfully every since. I went to the same school, lived with her for a semester, ended up in some of the same clubs she had (even though she had graduated). And now, I want the same wedding colour she had. And feel like I can’t. Even though I picked it out.

I’ve decided that I’m being childish and silly and that my sister won’t care and all the family who might remember what I wore to her wedding will… Well. They probably won’t even notice.

So, then I fixed on red for a while. Approximately this red.

And then. One of M’s cousins posted her wedding pictures on Facebook. Her bridesmaids wore black! But, it wasn’t a black and white wedding. Everything was accented in blue. It was an option I hadn’t really considered. I had thought of black, but I had thought of it in terms of my wedding colour being black and honestly… I don’t want my wedding colour to be the colour you wear to a funeral. But with red accents?

Black would make it ridiculously easy to find dresses. And I could bring out the red in their jewellry, the flowers (the tulips here are wonderful!), their shoes. And then, I’m not copying my sister’s wedding, but still staying true to what I really want.

Hmm. I may have hit on something here.

(Pictures courtesy The Knot.)

3 Responses to “Bridesmaids and their dresses”

  1. 1 mom

    Red tulips, yellow daffodils would be in season and very striking with black dresses.

    Red shoes, red jewelery.

    Nice thought.

  2. 2 Julie


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