Now that I’ve picked out my wedding dress, I have 5-9 weeks to find the perfect pair of shoes. This doesn’t faze me nearly as much as the dress did. Is this because shoes aren’t hundreds of dollars? Because they’re hidden most of the time? Or, maybe because I love shoes so much it’s more of an exciting prospect than a daunting one?

From my experience with the shoes I’ve seen at bridal shops, I’ve decided ‘bridal’ shoes really don’t appeal to me. In fact, strappy sandals, ie, typical bridal fare, in general don’t really appeal to me. Neither does white. (That said, I love the strappy, white sandals I bought for my cousin’s wedding.)

So, what is my aesthetic?

High. With a splash of colour.

I know, getting something too high would be a really bad idea. I mean, I’m going to be on my feet all day and despite loving high heels, my feet are not impervious to pain. But honestly, shoes, and heels in particular, go a long way to making me feel beautiful. I could be wearing the most beautiful, perfectly fitting dress, but without a pair of heels it won’t feel quite complete.

And the splash of colour. I’m thinking red. Bold. But hidden most of the time. A little surprise of bright colour.

To find it. Just watch: I’ll end up with something strappy and white now that I’ve outlined so clearly what I want!

One Response to “Shoes!”

  1. 1 mom

    Should the “splash of colour” match the bridesmaid/maid of honour dress?

    You can get shoes that can be dyed the perfect colour.

    Just thoughts.

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