Adventures in registering


M and I did our registries this weekend.

We started at Sears and quickly exhausted their Bed and Bath, Kitchen, and Decor sections. I left feeling exhausted and disappointed that I couldn’t find a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder that I liked to go with our brown and cream towels. M doesn’t get exhausted, so we continued on to Home Outfitters.

Totally different story. That place is wonderful for registries. For anything actually. I mean, the whole place is dedicated to, well, outfitting your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. They don’t suddenly have TVs thrown among curtains and dishwashers next to towels. The organization of the store made sense. Also, circular. Really helps.

Suddenly, it was fun again. We stepped into a section and began to put together what we want our future home to look like. Stainless steel or black in the kitchen? I’ve got a red coffee maker. How about a few red accents? Chocolate brown in the bathroom and… ooh, these purple patterned accents are so pretty! Bedroom. Four pillows on the bed. Cream and, of course, red. But, we might be in an apartment and don’t really want to paint… hang red curtains behind the bed? Yes! We can use them for a key window if we do paint. Cutlery… you pick two, I’ll pick two, point at the same time…

It was amazing (or perhaps not so amazing? We did pick each other, after all.) how often M and I were on the same wave length. There was another couple registering at Home Outfitters. They had just finished as we did and did not seem particularly happy. We speculated they maybe hadn’t had such an easy time figuring out what kind of frying pan to register for. (Though, that was something we didn’t agree on… M likes stainless steel. I prefer other metal-friendly options that are also stick free. We registered for both!)

There were a couple times when we looked at each other and said, “Wow. We’re shopping for bath towels. For our bathroom. And sheets. For our bedroom. We’re looking at stuff for our house. That we’re going to live in together. This is going to be amazing.”

The other thing we were thinking about? “Yard sale!”

2 Responses to “Adventures in registering”

  1. 1 mom

    Is the yard sale for your “student” type stuff that you hope you won’t need anymore? Or is the yard sale a sale you expect to have in about ten years when new stuff starts looking a little worn?

    • For the ‘student’ type stuff we hope we won’t need anymore. There’s not that much. Mostly kitchen stuff and dishes that we’re hoping to upgrade from.

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