I booked the photographer today. I still need to sign a contract and pay a deposit, but besides the legalities, it’s taken care of.

The photographer is not a priority for me. I seem to be backwards. A lot of people say the photographs are the memories. I know one girl who planned her date around the photographer she wanted so she could spend a ridiculous amount of money for a name and a reputation. I used to think this way. If there’s anything you should spend money on, it should be the thing that lasts, right?

At the same time, I’ve been to a lot of weddings this summer. I was even in one. And honestly, while I don’t blame couples who go a little overboard, I don’t want to need five hours of pictures. Especially when half of our guests are coming from 4 hours away, leaving them in limbo while we go off and take picture after picture in a town of 1000 people with no Tim Hortons seems kind of… cruel.

Besides that, how often do my parents look at their wedding pictures? Honestly, I can’t remember the last time they pulled out the album.

So. The photographer’s usual package is 7 hours. That includes getting ready, the ceremony, family, bridal party, and couple after the ceremony, and a posed cake-cutting. We obviously don’t need posed cake cutting pictures. My dad has an OK camera. My aunt and uncle carry their cameras with them all the time. 50% of the guests will have their cameras with them. I don’t need a professional cake-cutting picture.

But what about before? This is where I’m not sure. Looking at wedding photography, the getting ready pictures look like fun. They appeal to my photojournalistic eye, my literary eye, even. I love the story they tell, the relationships they illuminate. I love the candid quality of them. But maybe that means I should try to maintain that. Like I said before, digital cameras are not in short supply. I’m sure I could convince my sister to get behind a camera, especially since I know she hates being infront of one so much.

So, the photographer said she could do the ceremony and pictures in between in 4 hours. That puts us at about 3 hours for pictures in between. There’s at least 30-40 minutes of travel time that needs to be accounted for in there. Sounds like enough time to me.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with our Eastern Ontarian guests while they wait for our photoshoot to end and the party to get on with itself.

(No, doing all the pictures before is not an option. M and I are somewhat traditional… Maybe it’s silly, but I don’t want him to see me in my dress until I’m walking down that aisle. And he doesn’t want to see me.)

One Response to “Photographs”

  1. 1 Melissa

    Awesome! Sounds like things are coming together quickly 🙂 (dress, photos, etc.) I hope everything is going well!

    Btw, I completely agree! We didn’t want to do pictures before (or see each other before) either (oddly enough, we got teased about that). And we went for the 4 hour package too…we didn’t need more than that (the only reason we have any “getting ready” photos is because I was getting ready at church, and our photographer was early…).

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