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I’ve been told bridesmaids dresses should be ordered 3-6 months ahead of time. Sounds like I have lots of time, I guess. Except that my sister lives in Edmonton and my best friend has a crazy Christmas time work schedule, which is the only time we’ll be able to go shopping. No big deal. They’re […]



Now that I’ve picked out my wedding dress, I have 5-9 weeks to find the perfect pair of shoes. This doesn’t faze me nearly as much as the dress did. Is this because shoes aren’t hundreds of dollars? Because they’re hidden most of the time? Or, maybe because I love shoes so much it’s more […]

M and I did our registries this weekend. We started at Sears and quickly exhausted their Bed and Bath, Kitchen, and Decor sections. I left feeling exhausted and disappointed that I couldn’t find a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder that I liked to go with our brown and cream towels. M doesn’t get exhausted, so […]

I love reading wedding blogs, wedding websites and (yes, I’ll admit it) wedding magazines. The weekend M proposed, I signed up for The Knot. I bought a magazine the following weekend (not worth the $15, trust me) at the prompting of my similarly wedding enthused best friend and bridesmaid. Hardly a day goes by when […]

The dress!


I did it! I finally made a choice. I made the decision, got measured, and ordered The Dress. This post is a message to brides who aren’t having fun with their wedding dress shopping. The brides who don’t almost burst into tears when they see themselves in a wedding dress. The brides who hate that […]



I booked the photographer today. I still need to sign a contract and pay a deposit, but besides the legalities, it’s taken care of. The photographer is not a priority for me. I seem to be backwards. A lot of people say the photographs are the memories. I know one girl who planned her date […]

The first two posts of this blog have been pulled from my personal blog. I decided not everyone cares about my wedding planning and not everyone needs to see me descend into a mess of a bride with knots in her back and worry lines on her face. On the other hand, I know some […]